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Division of Industrial System

Division of Industrial System

The serious problems of the 21st Century are global warming by greenhouse-effect gases, exhaustion of energy and material resources, destruction of global and/or local environment, etc. What should we do to solve these problems? Returning back to the era before the Industrial Revolution would not be a suitable answer.

Since these problems cannot be solved by a single research field, the cooperation of many fields is essential. Problems cannot be eliminated only through study. It is necessary to utilize research achievements in the industrial systems of the 21st Century.

By gathering researchers in many fields, this department was established to build new industrial systems. Basic studies of material physics, biotechnology, chemistry and energy science are performed to find seeds of environmental-friendly technologies. Process engineering and industrial political-science make excellent technologies practical and widely distributed. System management and logistics minimize energy consumption. Mathematics, modeling and simulation are the basis of all research fields and are indispensable tools of the industry.

For a bright 22nd Century, we will strive to do our best!