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Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science

About Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science

Our objective is to construct Symbiotic Science and Technology through merger of the different fields of study, Science, Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences, in order to challenge the problems of the 21st Century and to enjoy our life with security and safety. With the Systems Thinking method merging the existing study fields together, we provide education and research to pursue the following three areas: Symbiosis between Human and the Environment, Symbiosis between Human and Industry, and Symbiosis between Industry and the Environment.
The Division of Human Support System is aimed to develop science which can support human through a comprehensive understanding of human. The Division of Industrial System is aimed to develop science of the industrial system with sustainability and circulation through making attempts at symbiotic relationship with the environment. The Division of Environment System Management is aimed to develop science to set up planning which natural resources can be maintained, purified and managed through.

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