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Division of Environment System Management

Division of Environment System Management

In the 21st Century, we are facing various environmental issues, such as climate changes from global warming, which bring about adverse effects on regional environments. Urbanization and expanding industrial activities deteriorate the water cycle and ecological systems, and those also cause heavy water-related disasters, soil contamination, and groundwater depletion and pollution.

The Department of Environmental System Management has three main areas of research objectives for environmental issues which aim to solve these problems.

  1. (1)Basic science and technology which will analyze and clarify the environmental phenomena.
  2. (2)Technology development which will improve the deteriorated environment.
  3. (3)Planning and management which will draft measures and plans for environmental conservation and restoration by integrating the first two areas.

"Symbiosis with Nature" is our motto. Join us and help us in creating desirable environments in both our natural ecosystems and human society!