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Shingo Kaneko(Associate Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Environment System Management
Specialized Field of Study Conservation Ecology, Conservation Genetics
Final Academic Background Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University
Academic Degree Ph.D.(Hiroshima University)

Courses In Charge

Conservation of watershed environment
Conservation of watershed environment

Introduction of Laboratory

Conservation ecology
Conservation genetics
Molecular phylogeny

Recent Writings, etc.

1. Kaneko S, Abe T, Isagi Y (2013) Complete genotyping in conservation genetics, a case study of a critically endangered shrub, Stachyurus macrocarpus var. prunifolius (Stachyuraceae) in the Ogasawara Islands, Japan. Journal of Plant Research 126:635-642.
2. Ando S, Kaneko S, Isagi Y, Kitayama K (2013) Development of SSR markers for tropical alpine tree species Leptospermum recurvum (Myrtaceae) endemic to Mount Kinabalu in Borneo. Applications in Plant Sciences 9:1200010.
3. Choi HJ, Kaneko S, Yokogawa M, Song GP, Kim DS, Kang SH, Suyama Y, Isagi Y. Population and genetic status of a critically endangered species in Korea, Euchresta japonica (Leguminosae), and its implications for conservation. Journal of Plant Biology 56:251-257.
4. Ito T, Kaneko S, Yokogawa M, Song GP, Choi HJ, Isagi Y (2013) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for Hydrangea luteovenosa (Hydrangeaceae), an endangered species in Korea. Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy 43:30-33.
5. Yamasaki T, Ozeki K, Fujii N, Takehara M, Yokogawa M, Kaneko S, Isagi Y (2013) Genetic diversity and structure of Silene kiusiana (Caryophyllaceae) in the Aso region, Kyushu, Japan, revealed by novel nuclear microsatellite markers. Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 63:107-120.
6. Sakata Y, Kaneko S, Hayano A, Murayama M, Ohgushi T, Isagi Y (2013) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the invasive herb Solidago altissima (Asteraceae). Applications in Plant Sciences 4:1-3.
7. Yokogawa M, Kaneko S, Takahashi Y, Isagi Y (2013) Genetic consequences of rapid population decline and construction of restored populations of the critically endangered herb Polemonium kiushianum, and prediction of genetic effects of seed transfer from wild to restored populations. Biological Conservation 157: 401-408.
8. McMahon C, Isagi Y, Kaneko S, Bowman D, Brook B, Bradshaw C (2013) Genetic structure of introduced swamp buffalo subpopulations in tropical Australia. Austral Ecology 38:46-56.
9. Ando H, Ogawa H, Kaneko S, Takano H, Seki S, Suzuki H, Horikoshi K, Isagi Y (2013) Genetic structure of the critically endangered Red-headed Wood Pigeon Columba janthina nitens and its implications for the management of threatened island populations. Ibis 156: 153-164.
10. Qian S, Saito W, Mimura M, Kaneko S, Isagi Y, Mizumachi E, Mori AS (2014) Asymmetric gene flow and the distribution of genetic diversity in morphologically distinct Abies mariesii populations in contrasting eco-habitats. Plant Ecology 215: 1385-1397.
11. Isagi Y, Kaneko S (2014) Ubiquitous genotyping for conservation of endangered plant species. In Nakano et al. (eds.) Integrative observations and assessments. Springer Japan, pp 311-325.
12. Imanishi A, Kaneko S, Isagi Y, Imanishi J, Natsuhara Y, Morimoto Y. (2015) Genetic diversity and structure of Euryale ferox Salisb. (Nymphaeaceae) in Japan. Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 66:1-9.
13. Dohzono I, Kaneko S, Yokoyama J, Isagi Y. (2015) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci from Corydalis ambigua (Papaveraceae). Plant Species Biology (in press).