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Madoka Takahara(Associate Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Human Support System
Specialized Field of Study Psychophysiology
Final Academic Background Graduate School of Hiroshima University
Academic Degree Ph.D.(Hiroshima University)

Courses In Charge

Introducing a physiological point of views on human behavior.
Physiological Laboratory Course
Experiments on fundamental psychological functions, such as human consciousness, information processing, etc., and training on standard research methods will be conducted.
Introduction to psychology
Various psychological experiments and researches will be introduced in this class to understand the science of human mind and behavior. Especially, I will take up the topics concerning cognitive psychology, which must be useful in the engineering domain.

Main Research

My concern is psychophysiological approach to human consciousness and sleep.
To understand human sleep, we have to use electroencephalography, heart rate, electrooculography, electromyography, etc.; so we collect those biological information. Also, we sometimes use questionnaires.
These days I have studied the relationship between psychological stress and children's sleep (teeth grindings).
We are also interested in REM sleep and dreaming.

Following books will help understanding in this field.
J.L.Andreassi (2006). Psychophysiology: Human Behavior and Physiological Response, fifth edition, Psychology Press.
E.F.Pace-Schott et al. eds. (2003). Sleep and Dreaming: Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations, Cambridge University Press.

Introduction of Laboratory

Psychophysiology is one of the psychology, scientific researches. Then I guess both balanced ability in arts and sciences are equally needed in this area. In other words, anybody who has passion to learn can deal with those researches.

In our laboratory, research theme will be decided by one's interest, ability, and goals. We will check your current conditions in regular seminar (reading books, or to make a presentation about articles in concern and your own experimental design). It appears members all feel free to keep their own pace, and to spend their own private time.