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Kazumasa Nakamura(Associate Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Industrial System
Specialized Field of Study Materials Science and Engneering
Final Academic Background Tokyo Institute of Technology
Academic Degree Ph. D. (Eng.)(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Courses In Charge

Introduction to Materials Science
This course is reviewed in the structure, synthetic method and properties for materials.
Analystical Methods in Materials
This course is performed for the instrumental analysis in solid state materials.
Main learning targets:Observation of material texture with Microscope, Analysis of material structure with X-ray related equipments and Measurement of physical or chemical properties in materials by thermal , Electric, magnetic and adsorption measurements measurements.

Main Research

Current Research
The objectives in our current study are sought for high performance on materials alloyed with specific elements.
・Preparation and properties of Carbon composite materials reinforce by nanofiber derived from biomass-based precursors.
・Preparation and properties of carbon nanofiber treated with iodine and/or alloyed with magnetic nanoparticles.
・Preparation and properties of decontaminating materials produced by liquid-phase precursors alloyed with functional solution.
Past research
Our past study are:
Preparation of high-performance carbon materials by surface treatments,
Oxidation and/or corrosion behavior of carbon materials,
Structural analysis of engineering ceramics

Introduction of Laboratory

Research target on our group is preparation and characterization of high-performance materials, especially carbon materials, by alloying with specific elements

Recent Writings, etc.

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