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Tadaaki Tsutsumi(Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Environment System Management
Specialized Field of Study Entomology (Insect Diversity and Morphology) 
Final Academic Background Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba 
Academic Degree Ph. D (Science)(University of Tsukuba )

Courses In Charge

Introduction to Biology 
Lecture on the structure and function of the cell, the morphogenesis in animals and the force of evolution.
Taxonomy and Ecology, Laboratory and Field Survey
Field survey for insect collecting, preservation, and identification. 
Seminar for Insect Development and Gametogenesis 
Lecture on insect oogenesis, ovarian structures and their evolution, and practice in observation of insect ultrastructures with TEM and SEM.

Main Research


Recent Writings, etc.

1. Transmission Electron Microscopical Observations of the Egg Membranes of a South African Heel-walker, Karoophasma biedouwensis (Insecta: Mantophasmatodea)
Tsutsumi, T., R. Machida, K. Tojo, T. Uchifune, K. -D. Klass and M. D. Picker
Proceedings of Arthropodan Embryological Society of Japan, 39 23-29 (2004)
2. Ovarian structure and oogenesis of the South African heel-walker Karoophasma biedouweinsis (Insecta: Mantophasmatodea)
Tsutsumi, T., K. Tojo and R. Machida
Proceedings of Arthropodan Embryological Society of Japan, 40, 15-22 (2005)
3. Structure of the ovary and "nurse cells" in a freshwater ostracod, Cyprinotus uenoi Brehm (Podocopida: Cypridoidea)
Ikuta, K., F. Maruo, T. Tsutsumi and T. Makioka
Zoological Science, 24, 906-912 (2007)