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Katsuhiko Kimura(Associate Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Environment System Management
Specialized Field of Study Forest Ecology, Dendrochronology
Final Academic Background Osaka City Univ.
Academic Degree Ms. Science(Osaka City Univ.)

Courses In Charge

Introduction to Ecology
This course will provide basic concepts of ecology ranging from population, community to ecosystem level.
Forest Ecology
Structures, compositions and productivities of different forest types in the world.
Energy flow and carbon cycling in the forest ecosystem.
Regeneration processes of natural forest ecosystem.
Long term vegetation change histories over the scale of thousand years.
Conservation Biology, Laboratory
This course will provide practical and theoretical methods of conservation biology through field research and data analysis.

Main Research

Regeneration processes of natural forest community, using tree ring analysis.
Application of tree ring analysis to various fields such as archaeology and precise radiocarbon dating.

Recent Writings, etc.