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Takahide Kurosawa(Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Environment System Management
Specialized Field of Study plant taxonomy, plant ecology
Final Academic Background Faculty of Science, Tohoku University, Japan
Academic Degree Dr. (Science)(Tohoku University)

Courses In Charge

Natural Environment 
In Natural Environment, the relationships between organisms and natural environments are discussed using the textbook, "Seitaigaku-Nyumon" (The Ecological Society of Japan 2004, in Japanese) for students' understanding of mechanisms of natural environment and organisms-environments interactions.
Introduction to Biodiversity
In Introduction to Biodiversity, (1) significance of biodiversity from the evolutionary or ecological viewpoint, (2) taxonomy, biogeography, and population genetics, and (3) conservation biology are introduced using the textbook, "An Introduction to Conservation Biology: from Gene to Landscape" (Washitani & Yahara 1996, in Japanese).
Taxonomy and Ecology, Laboratory and Field Survey (C)
The purpose of Taxonomy and Ecology, Laboratory and Field Survey (C) is to train students for field studies on biodiversity and conservation biology in secondary vegetations. The coastal biodiversity in Japan suffer direct impacts from changes caused by the construction of artificial coastlines, pollution etc. Through the laboratory and field survey in remaining tidal flats, halophytic vegetation, strand vegetation in Matsukawaura, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, participants are expected to acquire planning and management methods of in secondary vegetations.

Main Research

my studies
Euphorbiaceae sensu lato (incl. Euphorbiaceae s.s., Phyllanthaceae, Putranjivaceae) is one of the largest family in Spermatophyte and includes a number of agriculturally or horticulturally important species. The family has been much less thoroughly studied the other large angiosperm families. I am studying taxonomy of the family in Asia, especially Himalaya (Nepal), Myanmar, Korea, Japan, with describing new species.

I am also interested in local flora, and studying flora and biodiversity of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan and its conservation.

Introduction of Laboratory

Our Lab have been studied flora and vegetation of Fukushima Prefecture, leaf phenology and reproductive ecology of perennial herbs, and conservation biology of endangered plants.

Recent Writings, etc.