Profiles and Activities : National University Corporation Fukushima University


Shinobu GOTOH(Associate Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Environment System Management
Specialized Field of Study Environmental Planning, Environmental System Engineering, Landscape Planning
Final Academic Background Graduate School of Engineering (majored in Environmental Engineering)
Academic Degree Ph.D (Engineering)(Osaka University, JAPAN)

Courses In Charge

Environmental Planning: 
Lecture on the Systems Approaches to Environmental Planning, Especially about Material Flow Management, Landscape Planning and Indicators for Sustainable Development
Environmental Culture:
Lecture on Historical Characteristics of Interrelationship between Human and Nature all over the World for Constructing Sustainable Society
Survey for Regional Environmental Planning and Management:
Survey of Regional Environment and Human Society, to Learn How to Comprehend Environmental Characteristics and How to Plan Questionnaires for the Stakeholders

Main Research

Main Fields:
・Urban Ecological Networks
・Material Flow Analysis
・Environmental Indicators
・Environmental Education
・Environmental Media

Introduction of Laboratory

Survey at Koriyama Nunobiki Highland Wind Farm, 2007

Recent Writings, etc.

1. Shinobu GOTOH, Tohru MORIOKA, Tsuyoshi FUJITA(2000), “Applying Landscape Ecological Knowledge in Land-use Planning: Analysis System to Evaluate Habitat Connectivity in Land-use Scenarios for the Raccoon Dog in Urban Ecological Networks, Japan.”, Proceedings of International Symposium on City Planning 2000, pp.280-289
2. Shinobu GOTOH(2004),"Environmental Burden Reduction: Supply and Demand Analysis of Effective Use of Organic Waste in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan", JAHES vol.9, pp.61-69
3. Shinobu GOTOH(2007), "Estimation of Material Flow in Fukushima Prefecture", Journal of the center for regional affairs Fukushima University, vol.19,No.1,pp.48-60