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Yanwen Dong(Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Industrial System
Specialized Field of Study Management Information System (MIS) and Business Intelligence (BI)
Final Academic Background Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engineering
Academic Degree Ph.D (Osaka Prefecture University)

Courses In Charge

Industrial Management
This is a basic lesson of Industrial Management, including basic methods of IE, quality control, production management and etc.
Management Information System
This lecture aims at understanding the overview of management information systems. The students can learn the basic knowledge / technology about management systems and information systems. They can also experience how to develop a management information system through practice hours.

Main Research

Theory and application of intellectual production information system
1. Fuzzy Scheduling
2. Developing Methodology of Information Systems in Medium and Small-Sized Enterprises
3. Fuzzy Programming Problem with Recourse
4. Data Mining

Current research theme:
(1) Methodology and system for assessment of small-businesses’ credit based on daily transaction data
(2) Experimental Study of Human Factors’ Impact on Cellular Manufacturing and Production Line System

Introduction of Laboratory

At Dong laboratory, we provide students with highly-qualified research staff and a variety of education program, bringing students freedom with generosity to encourage the spirit of science combined with talent for liberal arts. The students can learn not only the basic knowledge / technology about management information systems and computers but also the basic knowledge of money making. We aim at training the students to have the management sense that is necessary in the future as a manager.

Recent Writings, etc.

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2. Yanwen Dong: Data Science for Management and Credit Risk Assessment, Kyoritsu Shuppan Co.,2015
3. Yanwen Dong, Xiying Hao, Chunji Yu: "Comparison of Statistical and Artificial Intelligence Methodologies in Small-Businesses’ Credit Assessment Based On Daily Transaction Data", ICIC Express Letters, An International Journal of Research and Surveys,Vol.5, No.5, pp.1725-1730 (2011).
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