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Michio Sato(Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Industrial System
Specialized Field of Study Chemical Engineering 
Final Academic Background Univ. of Tokyo, Inst. of Industrial Science 
Academic Degree Ph. D (Univ. of Tokyo)

Courses In Charge

Chemical Engineering 
A main topic of chemical engineering is scaling-up a chemical reaction, which has been succeeded in a test tube, to the size of a factory or a chemical complex. Heating, cooling, mixing, and separation are discussed in this cource.
Transportation Phenomena
Diffusion, absorption, and thermal conduction are mainly discussed in this course. These phenomena are necessary to understand not only industrial production systems but also emvironmental systems.

Main Research

R&D for Fukushima restoration
Decontamination, renewable energies
Environmental-friendly production systems
Any production system can be the theme of my laboratory.
Recent topics are, large scale composting machine (photo), co-generation systems using waste edible oil as fuel, reuse and recycle systems of abrasives for glass polishing, etc.

Introduction of Laboratory

Joint researches with a company or an institute in Fukushima are performed in my laboratory.
Factory tours and discussion with engineers are often held.

Recent Writings, etc.

1. See database of Fukushima univ. HP