Profiles and Activities : National University Corporation Fukushima University


Hironori Kasai(Associate Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Industrial System
Specialized Field of Study Nonlinear PDE
Final Academic Background  Waseda University
Academic Degree  ( )

Courses In Charge

Applied Analysis
the Fourier Analysis;
・the Fourier Series and its applications
・the Fourier transform and its applications
Advanced Applied Analysis

Main Research

 Nonlinear PDE: Ginzburg-Landau Maxwell Equation, Gross-Pitaevskii Equation

Mathematical Modeling for Nonlinear phenomemena : non-uniform crystal growth( Snow flake, "Kompeito"(Comfeito) )

Recent Writings, etc.

1.  On an asymptotic behaviour of the Ginzburg-Landau Maxwell equations,the Proceedings of SCI 2004,
July 18-21,Orland,Florida,USA, p.160-164
2.  On the Resolvent Estimate of a System of Laplace Operators with Perfect Wall Condition, Funccialaj Ekvacioj, vol.47,No.3, pp.361-394 (with T.Akiyama, Y.Shibata, M.Tsutsumi)