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Katsuhiko Yamaguchi(Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Human Support System
Specialized Field of Study solid state physics
Final Academic Background Tokyo University of Science
Academic Degree Ph.D(Tokyo University of Science)

Courses In Charge

Physics I (Classical Mechanics)
Classical Mechanics is basis for natural science. In the lecture you study basic concepts of mechanics, e.g. force and energy, and how to use them through the practical calculation.
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics is a theory for microscopic world like atoms, electrons and photons. In this lecture, you study basic concepts of wave functions and how to use them through Schrödinger's equation.
Experiment of Basic Physics

Main Research

solid state physics for nano-scale magnetic clusters
Recently many experimental and theoretical researches for nano-magnetic clusters have been performed and they will be available to realize high density magnetic memories or new micro magnetic devices. Our laboratory studies properties of the dynamic magnetic process for nano-clusters by Monte-Carlo method using parallel super-computer. And also we research experimentally on magnetic domain wall displacements in nano-magnetic clusters using magneto-optical effect, especially with deep interest for interaction between magnetic properties and local disorder by different magnetic impurities and voids. We expect that the elucidation for such a situation which spin ensemble plays will connect with the developing of complexity science.

Introduction of Laboratory

We welcome students who love physics and physical thinking to our laboratory. Physics make you notice that our world exists on simple, beautiful but strict lows since birth of universe. If you walk in the physical world, you may struggle with mathematics at first, but you will acquire enough returns. That is a keen eye for the truth!

Recent Writings, etc.

1. “Monte Carlo Simulation for Magnetic Dynamic Process of Deformed Micro Magnetic Clusters”, Katsuhiko Yamaguchi, Shinya Tanaka, Osamu Nittono, Koji Yamada, and Toshiyuki Takagi, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS. VOL.42 (2006) pp.927-930.
2. “Angle-resolved analysis of magnetic hysteresis for micro-magnetic clusters with local deformation”, Katsuhiko Yamaguchi, Kenji Suzuki, Osamu Nittono, Toshiyuki Takagi and Koji Yamada,
Physica B 403 (2008) pp. 354-359