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Shoichi Nakamura(Associate Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Division of Human Support System
Specialized Field of Study Computer Science
(knowledge engineering, information retrieval, information visualization, and their applications to the education fields)
Final Academic Background Tokyo Gakugei University (Dept. Information Science)
Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of Aizu.
Academic Degree Dr. Sci. in Computer Science and Engineering
(The Univ. of Aizu)

Courses In Charge

Computer Networks
This course initially provides basic knowledge of computer networks and their mechanisms. Then, we will learn core technologies that realize the networks such as network topologies, protocols and OSI model. It also concerns the examples of practical networks and their characteristics.
Programming II
Algorithms plays the important roles in building various information systems together with implementation technique such as programming. In this course, we will learn basic data structures and algorithms through exercises.
Software System Design
(Exercises I)
This course mainly aims to learn the core methods of software system design and its implementation. Students will learn the practical knowledge and skills through basic exercises of design and development of basic network-based software. The exercise every year includes some target topics, e.g. information retrievals and information management.
Digital Signal Processing

Main Research


Recent Writings, etc.

1. "Personal Management and Sharing of Reaearch Information using Research Information Transition Graphs, IEICE Trans. on Inf. & Syst., Vol.J91-D, No.3, pp.639-653, 2008.
2. A Model for Navigating Discussions among System Design Novices, Int. J. Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 1(2), 113-125, 2008.