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Yoshihisa Sato(Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Department of Renewable Energy
Specialized Field of Study Renewable Energy
Final Academic Background Doctral course
Academic Degree Dr of Engineering(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Courses In Charge

Renewable Energy
In the lecture on renewable energy, I will be in charge of wind power generation. The Japanese government is promoting massive introduction of renewable energy to prevent global warming.Although solar power generation is rapidly spreading, wind power generation is not spreading in Japan.
In this lecture, first of all, we will learn the mechanisms and features of conventional large-scale power generation systems such as hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power generation.Subsequently, we will learn the mechanism and features of the wind power generation system.As a summary, in the future, in order to introduce a large amount of wind power generation systems, we will conduct free discussions such as what strategies are available and something good ideas.

Main Research

Practical development of renewable energy
Practical development of renewable energy

Introduction of Laboratory

Under constraction

Recent Writings, etc.

1. Mechanism of electric power system