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Kimihiko Saito(Professor)
Affiliated Specialty Division Department of Renewable Energy
Specialized Field of Study Photovoltaics
Final Academic Background Tokyo Institute of Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Innovative and Engineered Materials
Academic Degree Doctor of Engineering(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Courses In Charge

Endowed Chair in Renewable Energy
Renewable energy
I’m in charge of the solar energy in the lecture of renewable energy. The wind and solar energy become popular rapidly in the world by the Feed-in Tariff, and it especially promotes the installation of solar energy rapidly and explosively in Japan. Furthermore, Fukushima prefecture targets the balance of energy between the demand and the generation by renewable energy at around 2040. Now it is very common to see the photovoltaic power systems on the house-roof and in an area in the town and village. In my lecture, not only the mechanism of photovoltaic power generation but also the problems derived from its expansion of installation is referred and the future of solar energy is discussed.
Advanced lecture on photovoltaic engineering
Unlike other power generating system whose electricity is produced by the rotating machine, photovoltaics generate the electricity by the photoelectric effect (photoconduction) in semiconductor. Therefore, its industry consists of production of cells and modules, of construction and operation of systems and of those reuses and recycling, and is required further lowering of power generating cost to compete other conventional ones. In this lecture, these scientific and engineering fundamentals and the activities for promoting these efficiencies and for lowering these costs are explicated. Furthermore, the present situation of energy policy and the expansion policy for renewable energy are also referred to discuss the future of solar energy from the view point of technology and energy market.

Main Research

Research on advanced solar cells
Research and development for the further achievement of efficiency and of lowering cost of solar cells especially made from the silicon material and for those new uses by substrate slimming etc. are implemented with other laboratories.
Research related to solar energy system
Simple method for the evaluation of fault and degradation of the photovoltaic power systems is under development. Furthermore, novel application of the independent power supply system by photovoltaics to the ICT field and so on is developed with industries etc.

Recent Writings, etc.

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