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Kenji Koido(Associate Professor)

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Affiliated Specialty Division Department of Renewable Energy
Specialized Field of Study Biomass energy, Reaction engineering, Heat transfer engineering, Process engineering, Energetics
Final Academic Background Graduate school of engineering, Nagoya University
Academic Degree Doctor of Engineering(Nagoya University)

Courses In Charge

Endowed Chair in Renewable Energy
Biomass gasification
Renewable energy
Lecture on comprehensive renewable energies. Biomass and bioenergy conversion technologies are focused on for first grade under graduate students.
Experimental Lecture on Chemistry
Fundamental experimental lecture on chemistry for second grade under graduate students
Industrial System Engineering Experimental Lecture
Fundamental experimental lecture on industrial system engineering for second grade under graduate students
Advanced lecture on renewable energy
Intensive lecture on renewable energy for graduate students. Biomass conversion technologies and life cycle assessment (LCA) are introduced.

Main Research

Research on developing and modelling of biohydrogen production and hot-gas cleaning
Research and development of biohydrogen production through biomass gasification and hot-gas cleaning. Furthermore we conduct a modelling of the systems via dynamic simulators or process design simulators.
Environmental evaluation of biomass energy systems from a Life cycle assessment perspective
Life cycle assessment of environmental energy systems are implemented for environmental benign society by minimisation of carbon dioxide.
Contaminated woody biomass utilisation for bioenergy and behaviour radionuclide
Regional woody biomass utilisation for power generation lead to employment creation and forestry vitalisation. In Fukushima, for the woody biomass use, radioactive substances behaviour during contaminated woody biomass gasification is required. The radiocaesium behaviour is investigated before now.
Mapping of biomass resource in Fukushima
For appropriate utilisation of the biomass resource in Fukushima, the biomass generated in Fukushima is investigated.
Experimental Apparatus
GC-TCD(Inorganic gas analysis), GC-FPD(sulfuric compounds analysis)、TG-DTA(with steam supply), Gasification test setting, Supercritical water continuous reaction equipment, Salt bath (bach reactor test), Microwave equipment, etc...

Introduction of Laboratory

The endowed chair was created at ​Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science, Fukushima University. It contains four kinds of chairs: Biomass, Geo-heat, Solar and Hydraulic. The members of the biomass lab conduct biomass gasification and methane fermentation for hydrogen, power and biofuels production from the perspective of experiments, modeling and life cycle assessment (LCA).

Recent Writings, etc.

1. Kuroda, S., Nagaishi, T., Kameyama, M., Koido, K., Seo, Y., Dowaki, K., Hydroxyl aluminium silicate clay for biohydrogen purification by pressure swing adsorption: Physical properties, adsorption isotherm, multicomponent breakthrough curve modelling, and cycle simulation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43, 16573-16588, 2018.
2. Koido, K., Takeuchi, H., Hasegawa, T. Life cycle environmental and economic analysis of regional-scale food-waste biogas production with digestate nutrient management for fig fertilisation. Journal of Cleaner Production 190, 552-562 (2018).
3. Koido K, Watanabe Y, Ishiyama T, Nunoura T, Dowaki K. Fate of sulphur during simultaneous gasification of lignin-slurry and removal of hydrogen sulphide over calcium aluminate supported nickel oxide catalyst. Journal of Cleaner Production 141 (2017) 568-579.
4. Dowaki K, Nagaishi T, Koido K, Kameyama M. A proposal of a highly-efficient purification system for hydrogen production to achieve a lower LCCO2 level. Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 95 (2016) 615-620.
5. Morimoto H, Satoh S, Koido K. A simplified method of harvesting willow crops cultivated as an energy source in short rotation coppices in small-scale farmlands. Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 95 (2016) 152-155.
6. Koido K. Watanabe Y, Nunoura T, Dowaki K. Synthesis gas production via non-catalytic and catalytic gasification of lignin with high-moisture content. Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 93 (2014) 667-674.
7. Ohkubo R, Suemasu T, Suzuki M, Kameyama M, Koido K, Dowaki K. Experimentation of CO2 adsorption catalyst and process design assumed BLUE Tower process. Journal of Japan Society of Energy and Resources 34(6) (2013) 1-9.
8. Nishimoto K, Nakano H, Mikami R, Koido K, Ohwada H, Dowaki K. A life cycle assessment of the biomass-to-liquid considering the fuel consumption of a truck. Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 9(1) (2013) 20-36.
9. Koido K, Hanaoka T, Sakanishi K. Pressurised gasification of wet ethanol fermentation residue for synthesis gas production. Bioresource Technology 131 (2013) 341-348.